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Theres nothing better to eat in the summer than a fresh bowl of berries with a little bit of cereal on top! So today, my Dad and I went over to Henckle’s Berries in Baldwinsville. The raspberry season had just begun so there were thousands of great big juicy berries everywhere and we practically had the whole field to ourselves! It was a hot muggy afternoon picking berries and we were interrupted by a big 15 minute rain storm. One of my favorite parts of picking is that you can feast out on the berries as you eat, although you run the risk of eating a few spiders and inch worms, but its worth it! We ended up picking almost as many as we ate! Then we headed over to the other side of the road and tried picking a few gooseberries. I had never eaten or seen a gooseberry before, but learned to like them a bit. They are really fun to eat! Now we’ll have a good amount of berries to feast on the next few days!

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These were shot using my Nikon D600 and my 28-70mm f/2.8.


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West Palm just made it to one of my top vacation spots of all time! It was a beautiful city with lots of classy buildings buildings right along the beach and seemed to have avoided the tourist trap of lining the beach with all of those trashy, loud, obnoxious shops. The beach was really well maintained and had the bluest water I have seen all trip. The roads were lined with tall palms and my favorite part was the sidewalks littered with rustling lizards. We met up with a few friends from Cedarville there so I took the opportunity to capture more of the people we were with and the activities we did. I also took a little journey around the beach searching for some big lizards to capture. The one you see here was the biggest one I saw! He was about 6 inches long before the tail and he was very cooperative. You may even notice he has a stub of a second tail from where he may have evaded a capture. As you can see in one of the pictures, the water was actually off limits because of an earlier shark sighting just about 10 yards of the shore. That meant we were swimming at our own risk if we went in the water beyond the life guarded region, and fortunately we all returned with all of our limbs. Overall it was just a very relaxing day at the beach and te weather was just perfect. It was in the low 70s with a nice little warm ocean breeze to cool us down. We all got some good reading done as well as played some paddle ball and even jumped some waves and all got some good sun. After our time at the beach we went to this very nice urban village in town to get some food at the Mellow Mushroom.  This was one of the coolest themed restraunts I have been to. It’s a really neat pizza franchise that themes every one of its locations differently. This one opened up just six weeks ago and they left the theme in the hands of three artists who had two weeks to paint the place. It had a very abstract, trippy, colorful vibe to it which made it really fun. I took a few photos here which I will use on a restraunt review that I will do later on, but overall it was a sweet dinner there! Then we walked around more of the urban village center checking out some of the interesting shops and grabbed some ice cream. There were a few fountains outside and fortunately I had brought my tripod so I broke it out and tried a few night shots of the shopping center. I had been itching to get my new d600 out to take some sharp night shots with its full frame sensor! West Palm was great and I hope I end up there again some day!


These were shot with my nikon D600 with a 28-75mm f/2.8 and a 70-200mm f/2.8.