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Theres nothing better to eat in the summer than a fresh bowl of berries with a little bit of cereal on top! So today, my Dad and I went over to Henckle’s Berries in Baldwinsville. The raspberry season had just begun so there were thousands of great big juicy berries everywhere and we practically had the whole field to ourselves! It was a hot muggy afternoon picking berries and we were interrupted by a big 15 minute rain storm. One of my favorite parts of picking is that you can feast out on the berries as you eat, although you run the risk of eating a few spiders and inch worms, but its worth it! We ended up picking almost as many as we ate! Then we headed over to the other side of the road and tried picking a few gooseberries. I had never eaten or seen a gooseberry before, but learned to like them a bit. They are really fun to eat! Now we’ll have a good amount of berries to feast on the next few days!

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These were shot using my Nikon D600 and my 28-70mm f/2.8.


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Farmers Market

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Its been a while since I had done a photo post because of the craziness of the end of school and graduating.  Thats not to say I wasn’t taking pictures, because I did take a bunch of really cool ones, but I didn’t have the time to sort through them and organize them into posts. So now that it is summer and I have a little extra time on my hands, I will hopefully put a few together documenting some of the photo projects I have done in the last month. I will also hopefully have some fu opportunities to shoot some cool things.


This past weekend, I went to the farmers market with my mom and dad really early in the morning! We grabbed some breakfast at the market diner and then went over to the market.  There is a wide variety of things being sold at this market, but the fresh produce is always the most interesting to me.  The veggies always look as if they were picked that morning and they bring such great, natural smells and vibrant colors.  Thats what grabbed my attention Saturday and so I decided to focus on grabbing the closeup texture and vibrant colors of all the produce in the market. I love how they came out and I think that the pretty consistent crop of the food allows direct comparison of color and texture across all the different foods and together as a set they look great together.  It also gets me really excited for all of the fresh veggies and fruits to be had this summer!




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As you may have seen in yesterday post, I was on a photo mission to capture the people and activities at Chicks, our university dining hall. Last night I focused mostly on the behind the scenes action and what takes place in the kitchen to provide food for thousands of kids and also what is involved in clean up. Today I want to focus more on the use and look of our dining hall. The place went under event renovations thus past summer and has maintained a really fresh and modern atmosphere for the students dining in. From the second floor of the dining hall, appropriately called “up-chucks,” you get a very interesting perspective looking down on the busy bustle of hungry college students. I focused some time up there grabbing unique angles of some of the drink stations and ice cream bar. Then I spent some time on the bottom floor following some student around documenting their process in obtaining food and sometimes cooking and mixing different ingredients to create their own unique dishes. At our dining hall there are so many base ingredients and nice big grills that can be combined to create some delicious meals. You just have to get a little creative!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.46.19 PMThese were shot with my Nikon D600 with my 24-75 mm f/2.8.




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For a recent photojournalism project, our assignment was to go capture the essence of a place.  One that came to mind that I thought would be interesting to document and share photos for would be Chucks, our dining hall at Cedarville University, named after Chuck McKinney who retired this year. One reason I wanted to document this place was because it is a place that every student is very familiar with, yet probably has hardly any idea what goes on beyond the scenes.  This is how it was for me before I started working there. The extent of my chucks knowledge didn’t go any further than what was behind the counter.  Beyond that wall behind that counter was a complete and utter mystery to me that just produced a mass of food feeding over 9000 meals daily to hungry college students.  My attempt for this assignment was to kind of break down those walls and reveal the inner workings, as well as capturing the ding aspects that are familiar to the students. It is an incredible operation they put on everyday.  Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of these great pioneer staffers and other chucks student workers and been tasked with many different operations ranging from kitchen prep to washing dishes.  I love the opportunities of going behind the scenes and seeing how things work and so I hope you enjoy this little look of what goes on in the kitchen.


These were shot with my Nikon D600 with my 24-75 mm 2.8 at ISO 800 with f/2.8 and 1/160s.




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