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A few weeks ago during the crazy hectic graduation season, I got a unique photography job opportunity. My job was to follow ESPN’s Josh Gamage for the day and document all of the behind the scenes and big moments of his day as he gave the commencement speech to the Bishop Grimes Class of 2013.  Josh was a great guy to work for and has a really cool job at ESPN setting up a lot of freelance media teams for big sporting events such as the Indy 500.

I had done many events prior to this one as I worked on yearbook staff during college and have shot many concerts and such for fun and experience.  However, this one was unique, in that while I was trying to document the overall event, my main objective was to capture it from the perspective of the key speaker.  I acted as Josh’s right hand man as I followed him into all of his meetings and his interactions and meetings with old friends.  My job was to just be the invisible eye documenting all of these moments. It was a really cool idea and I think as you look through these pictures, you’ll find it is cool having that consistent main character stay in focus in all the photos.  I also think it is cool for Josh to have this collection because now he can look back on the day and remember not only the main part of speaking, but also the small interactions he had with old friends and teachers and the behind the scenes interactions he had with the students.

Again, I loved working with Josh and he did a great job speaking and hopefully Ill get to visit him someday at ESPN. If you are ever having a special day or opportunity and would like that invisible eye to follow you around and capture all of the small moments of the day, feel free to contact me at zmurphy@cedarville.edu.

Josh Gamage-07These were shot using my Nikon D600 with my 28-70mm f/2.8 lens.


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