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Don’t let me hog all my photos to myself!! Although Photography is something I love to do as a hobby and I love every moment from the time I click the shutter, to when I upload it to the computer, to when I finish all of my editing and kick out a final jpeg file, I would love if my photography could do a lot more. What if my photos could capture a special moment, or a special person? What if they could take you to places you’ve always wanted to go? What if they inspired you?  What if they could tell your story? What if they relaxed you? What if they go well above your couch?! Whatever it is my photos could do for you, I would love to share them, or take some photos for you!! Currently, I am selling prints and greeting cards through Fine Art America.  They do a great job with craftsmanship and have a lot of custom framing and matting options.  If you click on one of those links below, you can view some of the options. Or, if there is another photo that I have taken that you saw recently in a blog or you know I have taken that you would like to order through FAA, let me know and I will upload it. And secondly, if you are requiring portraits or event photography, contact me on the contact page and I can give you an idea of some of my rates depending on what the project requires. I really appreciate your support, and hope that now you can share the enjoyment of my photos!

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