Just about once every 3 months I need to try some coffee to remind myself just how much I hate it! I love the smell, the look, the feel, the idea, and the culture surrounding coffee. I just hate the flavor! I honestly don’t see how anyone can drink it.  My dad always said it tastes like dirt and I wholly agree with him. However, as I said, I do love the culture.  And one thing I love about the culture is latte art. I have been looking into it recently and for a school project  had to photograph a drink, so I thought capturing the art of the latte would be sweet.  I worked with some people at Rinnova coffee shop to try to get me some cool shapes in the coffee.  I thought this one came out pretty sweet with a kind of smokey look to it.  I then set up a little studio in the back of our SGA office. I loved the rich color and grain of the table in our office, so brought that to the back kitchen where it was dark so I could better control the light.  I then brought back a lamp that I could use as a pretty harsh light source bringing out some of the detail in the latte foam. After I shot a few of just the drink, I got a little cliche and brought in the bible to get some classic ‘coffee and bible’ shots.  After all the photographing I tried the coffee again just to remind myself how much I hated it.  Disgusting!!


These were shot with my nikon D600 with my 50 mm at 1/80s f/6.3 and ISO 400.

Latte art thanks to Sara Kochanowski.





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