One of my jobs here at Cedarville is Yearbook Photographer. Its a great job because it often times gives me a good excuse to take a break from homework and go out to some of the great events Cedarville has going on and in some instances, such as chapel, gives me a different perspective on the event than being the typical student.  Similar to my last post about the Michael W. Smith concert, it gives me an excuse to get out of my seat and move around a bit during the service.  It is a little awkward at first and pushes me beyond my comfort zone because at some points, you know a lot of people might be distracted by you walking up and down the aisles.  Therefore it is essential to were clothing that doesn’t stick out and to plan your routes very well.  For instance, in our chapel, moving right along the wall on the lower seating keeps you from getting in the way of peoples view of the service.  Also, when you do need to cut through in front of someone i find it helpful if you crouch a bit and try to just keep your head down.  If you look up, you will maybe see some people you know and that can distract you and others from the service and your goal of being discrete. Also, as part of planning your route and walking around the least amount I try to stake out in the same spot for a while and get a variety of narrow and wide shots there so that I won’t have to walk up and down the aisles as much. In order to stay out of the way as much as possible, it is also pretty important to have a long zoom lens to get in close to the action.  Therefore I mainly walk around with my 70-200mm f/2.8 and in my shoulder bag carry around the 24-75 mm f/2.8 for any wide shots.

ImageThese were shot with my Nikon D600 at 1/160s f/2.8 and ISO 800.



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