Truck Yard (HDR)




This truck/junk yard has been a place that has always intrigued me as I pass by it everyday on the way home from school right own 42 across from the indian mounds.  You always see all of these old abandoned trucks and truck parts back through this sketchy gate, but never know why. A few times me and some friends would go down the bike path a mile or so until we would find the back part of the junk yard.  You could jump over the fence and there would be some sweet old abandoned trucks and cars to climb and explore.  I hadn’t been there in a few years, but when I was assigned to capture some HDR photos, the first thing that came to mind was trying to capture a series of these old abandoned cars I used to climb around. This would be sweet with HDR because it picks up such intense detail and an old abandoned, rusted out car would have so much texture and detail from its random decay. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it is a process in digital photography where you take multiple exposures of the same scene capturing the intense light as shadow areas of the image and then compositing them to maintain detail throughout the whole shot.


Anyways, I planned to do this early Tuesday morning.  Monday was a beautiful 50 degree day, so I figured I would just wake up early the next morning to a beautiful spring morning with the birds chirping…. I woke up and it was white out.  It had snowed!! And it was about 20 out. I had arranged to borrow a friends bike who lived close to the bike path in the morning, so I drove and got it. But man were the roads slick from the roads freezing over the night before!  It was a very slow, deliberate, and cold ride down the bike path as I looked for the fence to hop that would lead to the back of the junk yard. Once I got there, I stashed the bike in the woods and jumped the fence only to realize that all of the old cars that used to be there were gone!! So I had rode all that way for nothing. Then I came up with a very responsible idea. I decided I could just go to the main gate of the truck yard and ask permission to take some photos of the old trucks. So thats what I did. They were totally cool with it as long as the didn’t blame them if I got hurt. Worth the risk!  All of the cool, rusted out old parts made for great detailed HDR shots as you can see in these examples.  I loved the huge tire pile they had in the middle and would love to go back there to play king of the hill some day. It was a great time and I got some great shots. The only problem was that it was freezing cold, super muddy, and all of my batteries were dead so I had to plan my shots very carefully before I turned on the camera!

Let me know if you have any questions about HDR because it is a very cool technique, and this project taught me a lot about the post processing of them.

ImageThese were shot with my Nikon D3100 on my 15-55mm at f/8 with varying shutter speeds.





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