Looking for some unique places to get a tattoo? I found a few neat places for you. On Thursday, I had the day off so I did a photography trip to the Oregon District near downtown Dayton to capture the character of the area. I will do a longer post on some of the shops and building I found, but I thought these two tattoo parlors deserved a post of their own. Whether you are for them, or against them, I find the tattoo industry very interesting and a really neat subject to photograph because of the artful nature of it and the intricacy found in so many tattoo designs.  So as you can see in these pictures, that offers a very detailed and complex environment to capture.  Most pictures speak 1000 words; I believe these speak 10,000. 

As tough as some of these guys looked, they were very friendly and willing to let me take pictures of some of their work (as long as I didn’t work for the ‘feds’). These shops, despite being on the same block had two very different feels to them.  The first shop you see here was unlike any I had ever seen before and that made it very interesting to me. There weren’t any private rooms to get the tattoos done which made the whole experience very communal.  It provided an atmosphere where the guys could just hang out and talk as they were getting inked. It was definitely a more laid back feel than the second where you were confined to a tiny room for you and your artist to get the tattoo.

ImageThese were shot with my Nikon D3100 with my 18-55mm lens at ISO 800 f/8 1/100s on a tripod.





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