Cedarville 70 – Trevecca Nazarene 54


Sports photography is one of the most challenging events to shoot that I have done so far, right behind weddings, but in the end and after some post processing, I am usually pretty happy with the results. There are a few things that make it pretty hard.  First thing is the gear.  You definitely need to put some money into some quality, fast glass if you want any luck capturing the action, especially indoors. Second is finding the right settings.  It is a fine line with my kit trying to balance the shutter speed to stop the action, the aperture to maintain detail through the shot, and the ISO to keep the digital noise level down.  Shooting an event indoors gives you very limited range in these three categories (unless of course you are Scott Huck and have a couple thousand watts up in the rafters). Third, you have very little control over the composition of the shot.  The game and players are always moving around and getting in the way of each other and throwing off your focus and you have limited angles to catch the action because of the limitation of the depth of the sidelines with all of the fans and cheerleaders in the way.  However, there is one thing that I do like about photographing sporting events. As long as you catch the player in action it makes a great shot, no matter if the team is losing, the shot got blocked, or he air balled. Capturing that moment of action will leave the result of the play up to the viewer, no matter the actual outcome. Image


These shots were taken with my Nikon D3100 with 70-200mm f/2.8 wide open at 1/200 s on ISO 800. 








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