Whenever I see the beautiful precision and immaculate craft of a photo lens with all of its complex layers and mechanics, it amazes how many more times complex our own eyes are that we open every morning and close every evening and so casually use every day as a tool for our daily tasks. The ability to so seamlessly adjust to different lighting situations and different light temperatures is something that you take so for granted until you manually input that information into your camera for every exposure. And even then, the camera only captures a fraction of the detail and color and depth your eye will.  At the same time however, the camera can capture moments in time that would only be a fleeting second to your retina that would be burned in and then transferred to your memory to rot and decay as time passes by.  That moment, if captured correctly with your camera, will retain that memory and that second of time for as long as the earth orbits the sun. This preservation of memories can be personal, or it could be used as an expression or outlet of ones experiences and feelings as this memory can so easily be shared with friends or across the world. The camera’s process of capturing an image can also create effects and reveal parts of life that the naked eye could never see. The camera if wielded correctly can capture movement and lights and colors that would otherwise be invisible.

It is for these reasons that photography is so valued and has become such a passion of mine. As a tribute to this art, I have established this blog as an outlet for my personal growth as a photographer. This will be my outlet to the world of my vantage point on life and my preservation of memories. It will be an experience that stretches my creativity and allows me a means of sharing that creativity with others in hope of captivating and inspiring you my viewer. It will give you access to see what my most recent projects and photography experiments are and a chance for me to share with you what I am learning through photography.

Please feel free to interact with me on this blog offering comments, advice, or inspiration.




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